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Fertilizer and nutrition management: Guidance for farmers

  Fertilizer and nutrition management plays a crucial role in modern agriculture, ensuring optimal crop growth and yield. However, it is essential to strike a balance between providing adequate nutrients
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Top 5 reasons to shop local and support farmers

Top 5 reasons to shop local and support farmers

Top 5 reasons to shop local and support farmers More people than ever are interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle with less negative impact on the environment, and one
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slurry investment scheme

Slurry Investment Scheme – Guidance for Farmers

Slurry Investment Scheme – Guidance for Farmers Slurry is generated by livestock farming activities as waste from animals, and can be a fantastic fertiliser which is full of nitrates, phosphate
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Morrisons supporting farmers

Back British Farming: How major supermarket, Morrisons, is leading the way in supporting UK farmers

Supermarket Morrisons has added a ‘buy British’ tab to their online shop at, enabling shoppers to buy British produce easily.   The NFU supports this decision, which comes after
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Farm staff shortage - Esus Agri Ltd

Farming Overlooked in the Latest UK Shortage Occupation List

The agriculture and horticulture industries were recently overlooked in the government’s latest Shortage Occupation List (SOL). The UK shortage occupation list 2023 published in October did not cite agricultural roles
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Jeremy Clarkson headshot - Esus Agri Ltd

What Farmers Can Learn From Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop

The latest series of Jeremy Clarkson’s hit series which documents life on his 1, 000-acre Cotswolds farm has once again achieved great success. Clarkson’s Farm broke Prime Video viewing records,
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Robots in Agriculture - Esus Agri Ltd

Robots in Agriculture: The Future of Robotic Farming

There are many reasons farmers are increasingly adopting agricultural robots. From increasing labour shortages and costs to a rise in demand for higher food production, the current conditions present a
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Farm diversification (farm shop) - Esus Agri Ltd

Farm Diversification – Ideas, Examples And Grants

While farm diversification has been around for a long time, it has recently come into sharp focus for many farmers as financial pressures and uncertainty grows. There’s never been a
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Soil Carbon Webinar

Busting the Myths and Unlocking the Income from Soil Carbon Payments

On February 2nd we hosted a Webinar with Soil Capital explaining their Soil Carbon Payments Scheme for Farmers in South West England. To see the recording please use this link
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North Devon Farmer Developing His Own Bale Unroller

North Devon Farmer Builds Own Bale Feeder For Outwintered Cattle

Concerned with the costs of in-wintering his Ruby Red Devon Cattle, North Devon Farmer, Richard Stanbury has designed and built his own big bale feeder so that he can use
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Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

RPA announces the latest round of the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

About this time of year, the RPA announces the latest round of the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund. The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) provides support to farming businesses
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Plant Based Burger

Are plant-based burgers more about profit than benefiting the planet?

ESUS Agri Ltd recently calculated that the base ingredient (pea protein) cost per kg for plant-based burgers is £0.16, a vast difference compared with the top-of-the-range beef burger at £3.55.
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Farmer in field of crops

Crop Trials of Diverse Winter Fodder – Good for Cattle and Wildlife

Less than ¼ mile from ESUS Agri HQ, on the farm of our neighbours JR, RA & RD Stanbury, in a new Innovative Farmers field lab, livestock farmers are driving
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Shepherd herding his flock of sheep in a green meadow

£120,000 capital grants available through DEFRA Countryside Stewardship

The Countryside Stewardship (CS) scheme’s next application window is now open, giving more farmers and land managers in England the opportunity to plan while also receiving money for environmental activities
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Group of Cows in a Field

Hello and welcome to ESUS Agri Ltd.

ESUS Agri was incorporated in 1995, however we can trace our history back to 1969 to Harrison’s Fleming Advisory Services (HFAS) whose business we took over 1995. HFAS provided technical
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Carbon Credit Myths

3 Carbon Credit Myths Stopping Farmers Trading Carbon Credits.

There are many myths currently being circulated about Farm Carbon Credits. Antony Pearce dispels three of the myths To learn more about The First Certified, Multi-National Carbon Payment Programme for
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Countryside Stewardship Scheme - Esus Agri Ltd

Mixed Species Winter Grazing

At ESUS Agri we are looking all over the world for innovations in Regen Ag that can be introduced into South West England. New Zealand farmers get no subsidies so
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The Big Savings of No-Till

Regenerative Farming brings Big Savings and Carbon Credits

Analysis of the Groundswell Benchmarking Group results from 2020 harvest shows that No-Till Regenerative Farming more profitable than conventional tillage. Average output per hectare is 21% lower Variable costs are
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Regenerative Farming

New Revenues from Soil Carbon Should Be Seen As The Cherry On The Cake Of Practice Change

Following on from our last blog, we are looking at how to generate income from no-till beyond the savings identified in our last blog. ESUS Agri is a partner of
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Soil Carbon Soil Health

Soil Organic Matter Underpins Soil Health

Famers have always understood that soil organic matter (SOM) underpins soil health. However, since the invention of the steel mouldboard plough and specialisation of farming, all too often, SOM is
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Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture Shifts the Paradigm

A large part of my working life has been about paradigm change, either being subjected to paradigm changes or working with organisations to change paradigms, the mental images you have
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Farming Equipment

No Till for Spring Crops in the UK

The challenge for min/no-till farmers in the UK is the establishment of spring crops. A good article in the Agronomist & Arable Farmer Magazine, with some practical tips, which reinforces
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