The Big Savings of No-Till

Analysis of the Groundswell Benchmarking Group results from 2020 harvest shows that No-Till Regenerative Farming more profitable than conventional tillage.

Average output per hectare is 21% lower

Variable costs are 18% lower

Gross margin is 24% lower

Labour and machinery costs are 32% lower

Net margin very similar – the Groundswell group achieved£27/ha, while those with conventional systems ended up with £7/ha

It is when we look at the investment per hectare that we see the big savings. In 2020 the Regenerative Farms had over £ 300 per hectare less at risk than the Conventional Farms. In 2022 the difference is likely to be in the region of £ 400 per hectare, imagine the effect of that on the overdraft!

Whilst the cost of financing £ 300 in 2020 was about £ 15 for most farmers, the change in financial gearing puts the farmer back in charge of his/her business, not her/his bank manager.

It is the Regenerative Agricultural Practices which sequester carbon and thus the Soil Capital Carbon Payments for more details follow this link of email JamesSiggs

To see the full Groundswell Benchmarking presentation follow this link