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Farming Consultants - Specialist Agricultural Consultant Advice and Support in Devon and Somerset



Since 1995, farming consultancy ESUS Agri Ltd has worked with farmers across Devon, Somerset and the West Country, delivering practical and financial solutions to help them achieve sustainable results. Based in the Devon countryside, also serving Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset. Our experienced team of specialist farm consultants has extensive knowledge on ways to run farms to achieve their owners short term and long term goals.

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Helping Farmers Thrive since 1995

Our farming consultants have extensive experience in agriculture and business. We have the skills and methods that can help and support your farming business to thrive during times of uncertainty and challenging economic climates. Get in touch with a professional agricultural consultant and discover how we can help your business thrive.

Our farm consultants work around you and the unique needs of your farming business, to create a bespoke actionable plan for positive change in your business, your produce, and the natural environment.

We offer specialist agricultural consultant help and advice on the following:

  • Applying for government funding schemes, including ELMS
  • Maximising and increasing profits
  • Cost savings
  • Sustainable business management solutions
  • Biofuel usage, including Miscanthus
  • Regenerative solutions to soil degradation, plateaued yields and other farming issues
  • Correct usage of organic fertilisers and manures
  • Navigating changing markets

Agricultural Consultant Services

Our farming business experts have decades of experience working with farms of all sizes in Devon and the West Country, from local domestic farms to national businesses that provide supplies to key industries. Our farm consultants can work alongside you as long as you need our advice and assistance, whether you need specific advice for a short-term project, or long-term mentoring. Get in touch with a professional agricultural consultant and discover how we can help your business thrive.

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Business Management

We have worked with farms from 40 ha to 100,000 ha delivering sustainable solutions to enable the owners to achieve their goals.
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Government Schemes

Since leaving the EU, the UK now has its own agricultural policy. The Basic Payment Scheme will removed progressively by 2027.
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Nutrient, Manure and Soil Management

With fertiliser prices at all time highs and the Environment Agency starting to enforce the Farming Rules.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Soil degradation, plateaued yields and rising costs call for an approach to farming that works with Nature, not against it.


For up-to-date news on farming, agriculture, and sustainable land management, plus valuable insights and practical advice, see our blog page here.

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Get in touch

To make an enquiry about our farming advice and agricultural consultant services, or to book an initial consultation, please call or email us using the contact details below. Our farm consultants serve Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset and the West Country.

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