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Farming Business Management Support in Devon and Somerset

As specialist farm management consultants, we have worked with farms from 40 ha family run farms to 100,000 ha national suppliers to plan, implement and deliver sustainable and cost-effective solutions that enable our clients to achieve their farming business goals. Our expert farm business management consultants in Devon have worked with farms and rural businesses across Devon, Somerset, the West Country, and even internationally, to resolve cash flow problems, start new revenue streams, apply for investments, or cut costs. We work alongside you for as long as you need, to create a bespoke plan to manage your business in a way that benefits you, your stakeholders, and the local environment.

Our farming business consulting services include:

  • Farm Business Planning – A business plan is made to fit your goals and aspirations as an organisation. Our farm management consultants work alongside you to create a comprehensive document that outlines your specific targets actions and timeframes to meet in order to reach your desired outcome. These are essential for farming businesses that are brand new, as well as ones that are established, and looking to drive growth.
  • Cash Flow Planning and Management – We use cash flow forecasting techniques to consider your farm’s estimated income and spending patterns. This helps us to identify potential problems before they happen, and areas where you could cut down on costs, or see opportunities for investment. Your farming business consultant will simplify this process, and help you break it down into manageable steps. As yields can fluctuate from year to year, financial planning for local agricultural businesses is especially important.
  • Investment Appraisal – You may be considering the investment opportunities available to farming businesses. To help you make the best decision for your farming business, an investment appraisal is a planning process that can assess how profitable the investment may be over the longer term. Our farm management consultants have worked with farming businesses of all kinds, to guide them towards the best possible decision.
  • Diversification – Farmers and landowners across Devon, Somerset and the rest of the UK have been taking advantage of opportunities to create new income streams with their unused land. If you are a farm business looking to diversify, our business management consultants can advise you on the most profitable opportunities. You may be considering transforming your land into a camping or glamping site or opening up fruit orchards for public use. In uncertain times, options like this can provide added financial security.
  • Crisis Management and Turnaround – Having worked with farmers and landowners across the UK, and internationally, our local farm business consultants have found solutions to a range of problems, including natural disasters, crop failures and financial difficulties. We can come alongside farming businesses that are currently facing a crisis, to offer guidance towards a turnaround. Crisis prevention is another way we can offer assistance. With financial projections and taking into account the economic situation, we can shape a strategy to suit you.
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Farm Business Case Study
Farming business consultant James Siggs offered his services to a family cereal and oilseed farm in Romania. The farm was struggling to meet expenses and lacked an effective operations management plan.

Read the case study below to find out how our farm management consultant, James, worked with the farming business to deliver the results it needed.

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