slurry investment scheme

Slurry Investment Scheme – Guidance for Farmers

Slurry is generated by livestock farming activities as waste from animals, and can be a fantastic fertiliser which is full of nitrates, phosphate and potash, all helping to boost soil health and support the growth of healthy crops. This can reduce reliance on synthetic fertilisers, which can be expensive for farmers and contribute to a myriad of other issues.


The thing is, storing slurry can be quite difficult, and if improperly stored, can pollute the water and air. This is why DEFRA is currently offering grants to help farmers invest in the infrastructure required to safely store slurry.

What is the slurry investment scheme?


This is a grant that can help farmers store more slurry safely and sustainably that complies with current DEFRA regulations regarding slurry storage. The slurry infrastructure grant is currently in round 2, and farmers can apply for between £25,000 and £50,000 to improve their slurry storage. The deadline for applications for round 2 of grant funding is 


This grant can be used for replacing existing slurry stores, expanding and building additional slurry storage, and equipment that can be used for slurry management such as reception pits, slurry stores, separators and agitators. The grant will cover 50% of the total invoice costs of these upgrades.


How to access the slurry investment scheme grant


In order to access the grant, farmers must:


  • Farm pigs, dairy or beef cattle
  • Not already produce and store slurry in line with the grant storage requirements
  • Not have stores in place which are already fit for purpose
  • Keep up with the minimum requirements of slurry storage
  • Use a nutrient management plan based on soil sampling
  • Keep the grant-funded slurry store covers in place, except when doing maintenance


For more information and guidance on the slurry infrastructure grant, see this DEFRA farming blog post and applicant guidance from for more details, and calculate your slurry storage requirements with the AHDB’s slurry wizard tool.


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