Group of Cows in a Field

ESUS Agri was incorporated in 1995, however we can trace our history back to 1969 to Harrison’s Fleming Advisory Services (HFAS) whose business we took over 1995. HFAS provided technical and management consultancy to large scale tropical plantations companies, governments, and development banks. HFAS was always at the forefront of sustainable and renewable agriculture, it was a world leader in biological pest control, the optimization of fertiliser usage and improving conditions for employees. HFAS Diversified into privatisation and was responsible for the largest privatisation of a plantation company in Africa.

ESUS Agri has built on the legacy of HFAS, whilst broadening the range of services and the geographical areas in which we operate, to encompass large scale cereal production in Eastern Europe. For 10 years we operated our own sheep and arable farm in North Devon, and since 2018 our focus has shifted from overseas work to our work in South-West England.

Brexit has brought change and uncertainty to farmers in South-West England. ESUS Agri has been operating in markets where change and uncertainty are the norm, we have the skills, experience, and techniques to help our clients survive and thrive.